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Exclusive Online Offer

Exclusive Online Offer #1: 10 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

Exclusive Online Offer #2: Save 50% off our Normal Cleaning Pricing with our StayClean Residential Carpet Care Program

Would you like your carpets to always look their absolute best? Would you like your carpets to last longer? Would you like carpets that stay clean? Would you like to save money at the same time, with prices guaranteed not to increase? Of course, the answer to all these questions is yes! Let us tell you about our new StayClean Carpet Care Program.

Carpet cleaning will include:

  1. Powerful “Turbo-vac” of carpet (hooked directly to our Truckmount) to remove abrasive soil
  2. Applying a pre-conditioner, to emulsify grease and oil, which hold soil to the carpet
  3. “Edge-vac” your carpet around the perimeter (wherever possible)
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing your carpet (water temperature of 200 degrees)
  5. Moving most furniture (except for large hutches, desks, bureaus, beds, etc.)
  6. Replacing furniture, blocking and tabbing furniture
  7. Post cleaning spotting where necessary (not all spots are removable)
  8. Applying a carpet protector
  9. Post cleaning inspection


Here is how the program works. Your carpets will be cleaned a total of 3 times in a 24 month period. We will do the initial cleaning, performing all of the above procedures. In 12 months, we’ll come back again and repeat the entire cleaning process! And 12 months later,  we’ll repeat the process again. That’s a total of 3 cleanings in 24 months!

Imagine how clean and bright your carpet will always look! And, we’ll include 1 free spotting call per year if necessary. So call us today and ask for our Exclusive Online StayClean Offer to start saving 50% off our normal cleaning pricing.


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