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Pet Stain Odors in New London SolvedMan’s Best Friend Can Be a Carpet’s Worst Enemy

Pet odor, especially cat urine or dog urine on your clean carpet is very unpleasant! Dealing with urine contamination in your carpet from your cat or dog can be very difficult. By the time you notice the smell,  the problem can be quite severe. Treatment options can run from very simple solutions to more serious removal and replacement of the underlying padding. Here’s why.

Imagine a child wets the bed. Cleaning the sheets will not solve the problem because the urine has penetrated into the mattress itself. It’s the same with your pet accident. The urine does not stay on the surface of the carpet, but instead penetrates into the padding beneath the carpet. Just simply cleaning the carpet will not solve your problem.

Also, more likely than not, your pet has urinated in this area several times before you notice the problem. So what you see at the surface of the carpet is much different than what is at the base of the carpet. There are other factors too that can affect treatment.

The size of the animal is one factor. And the age of the animal is another factor. As your pet gets older, their kidneys can start to malfunction just like humans. So while there might be much less “volume” with an older animal versus a “puppy” the concentration will be much stronger. But it is still possible to solve the problem. Professional treatments are now possible that were unavailable just a few years ago.

It is also possible to treat expensive Oriental carpets that have a severe odor problem. Most of the time, in our In-Plant location, we can perform a special immersion procedure which will remove the odor.

If not completely removed, the odor will be greatly improved. Staining however can still be a problem. Pet urine can alter dye sites, making stain removal very difficult. While this is true of synthetic fibers, it is especially true of natural fibers, especially wool.

But what should you do if you notice a “problem” wet spot?

  1. First, blot up (do not scrub), as much as possible with a clean white towel. Do this BEFORE you do anything else.
  2. Next, flush the area with cool fresh water with a small amount of white vinegar added to it. The white vinegar will help to neutralize urine salts that contribute to the odor.
  3. After doing this, again blot (do not scrub) with a clean white towel.
  4. Repeat as necessary.
  5. Leave a dry towel on top of the spot.
  6. Place a slight weight on the towel for several hours to help the towel absorb even more of the urine.

Remember, the sooner you call us, the greater the likelihood is that we can remove the spot.

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