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Upholstery Cleaning

At MasterCare, we take pride in our ability to clean your upholstery. Since most upholstery is a natural fiber, such as cotton,  special attention needs to be given to the pre-conditioners and detergents selected.

Our technicians have been trained and certified in the proper techniques to use to clean your upholstery. We can “wet” clean or “dry” clean, depending on the method needed or recommended by the manufacturer.

Your fine fabrics are pre-tested with care before cleaning

We start by doing an inspection of your upholstery. We will look for rips, tears, loose stitching, etc. We will advise you of any problems we see.

We start the cleaning process by removing the dry soil, primarily by vacuuming the piece. Sometimes we use a specially designed “sponge” to remove dry soil.

After we remove the dry soil, we apply a “pre-conditioner” to help remove the oily soils. Using a preconditioner is similar to putting Whisk © on a collar prior to cleaning; it makes the cleaning more effective.

Next, we use a rinse detergent. This detergent is designed to soften the fibers and brighten the colors in your upholstery. We use extra vacuum strokes to remove as much water as possible to accelerate drying.

We do make second attempts to remove stains, but not all stains are removable. The technician will complete a post inspection with you to insure you are satisfied, and will re-clean any areas that you are not satisfied with.

Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics we are dealing with on most upholstery, we strongly encourage you to apply a protector to your upholstery. It will make future cleanings easier, and help prevent staining from spills.

When cleaning upholstery or draperies, fading, shrinking, tearing, bleeding, color loss or browning can occur. We will do everything in our power to prevent problems, but we cannot guarantee problems will not occur; these are characteristics of the dyes and fabrics we are dealing with, not a flaw in the cleaning process.

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