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Vinyl Floor Tile and Tile & Grout Cleaning

Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl tile is still common in many residential homes, most commonly in kitchens and bathrooms. Most homeowners clean their floors as needed, but eventually professional cleaning is needed to restore the appearance of the floor. While it may not be possible to restore the floor to its original appearance, professional cleaning will improve the appearance.

First we start with removing as much dry soil as possible, either using a dust mop or vacuum. Next we apply a neutral detergent solution and use a scrubbing machine to loosen and remove embedded soil. We will next vacuum and remove the dirty residue. After we remove the residue, we will rinse the floor and apply a neutralizing solution to balance the pH of the floor and allow the floor to dry.

After the vinyl floor has dried, we will apply a high quality finish/sealer to the floor (you would probably call this floor wax). We will apply at least 2 coats to your floor to insure fully coating the floor. We prefer to apply more coats, at an additional cost, since these additional coats will give the floor a “glossier” appearance and give the floor additional protection.

After professional cleaning,  it is important that you continue to maintain the floor. Dust mopping or vacuuming will help to remove sand and other abrasive soils. Use a detergent solution with a “neutral” pH to wet mop the floor. Placing entry mats outside entry doorways will also help to maintain the floor.

Tile and Grout

We can also clean and restore tile and grout floors. We will inspect the tile and grout before cleaning, looking for any loose tiles or cracked grout. We will remove as much dry soil as possible before using our detergent solution. We will actually use two different solutions to clean your floor.

First we will apply an “alkaline” detergent solution. This will help to remove any greases and oils that have covered over the grout. Next we will apply a detergent solution that is specifically formulated to remove soil embedded in the grout.

We will then use a specially designed floor machine that injects water under high pressure onto the floor and extracts it at the same time to our truckmounted machine. If you like, we can also apply a grout sealer to the floor to help maintain the floor and make future cleaning easier.

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