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Drapery Cleaning

At MasterCare, we will do our utmost to insure your draperies receive the best care possible. We will determine the cleaning method that will best accomplish getting your draperies as clean as they possibly can be.

While many draperies can safely be wet cleaned, some fabrics can only be dry cleaned. Our technician will do a thorough examination of your draperies to determine which method of cleaning is most appropriate for your draperies and let you know what you can expect from the cleaning.

There are many factors that need to be considered when cleaning draperies. The age of the drapery is one of the most important. The older the drapery is, the more likely it is to have weakened. Exposure to sunlight over prolonged periods of time can also cause deterioration of the drapery.

Soil conditions also need to be considered. The type of home heating system can affect soiling. Forced hot air system vents located near draperies can cause the fabric to attract dust and soil faster and more frequently. Cooking oils from the kitchen can attach to the draperies causing re-soiling. Cigarette smoke can also cause cleaning problems.

One of the most important steps in the cleaning process is dry soil removal. Your draperies will be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning to remove as much soil as possible before actual cleaning. Depending on the fabric and the color-fastness of the dyes, a pre-conditioner will be applied to make cleaning more effective.

After cleaning, an application of a fabric protector should be considered. While your draperies may have originally had a fabric protector applied, over time these protectors wear off. Applying a fabric protector after cleaning will help keep your draperies cleaner for a longer period of time.

Although we will test your fabrics for strength and color-fastness before cleaning, we cannot guarantee there will not be problems. Shrinkage, tearing and bleeding are all a possibility. They are not a flaw in the cleaning process, but a characteristic of the fabrics and dyes we are dealing with.

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