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Carpet Cleaning

We have been doing carpet and rug cleaning for over 25 years. We not only want to give you a clean carpet, but we want it to look bright and feel soft.  At MasterCare, we want to provide you the finest services possible.

We prefer to do an inspection in your home prior to cleaning to give you an exact price before we do any work. There is no charge or obligation for this inspection. If you request that we give you an estimate over the phone, the estimate will be based on the room sizes you give us. Upon arrival, the technician will give you an exact price based on the actual room sizes.

Professional spot removal in New London Country Areas

We use several different methods to clean carpets, the most common method being what most people call steam cleaning or hot water extraction. All of the following is included in our price for cleaning. There are no hidden charges!! When we use this method, we

1. Use pre-treated softened water, which makes our detergents more effective in removing oils and soils from your carpet or upholstery.

2. Pre-vacuum using our Powerful Turbo-Vac, which hooks directly to our Truckmount

3. Pre-condition the carpet or upholstery before cleaning

4. Edge-vac along all accessible baseboards

5. Water temperature of 200 degrees, so we are “Sanitizing” the carpet or upholstery.

6. Move most furniture: couches, chairs, love seats, rockers, recliners, etc. We will move coffee tables, end tables and nightstands as long as they have nothing on them or in them. We do not move hutches, entertainment centers, bureaus, beds, workstations.

7. Replace furniture and block and tab all furniture we have moved.

8. Make a second attempt to remove stains (Please note: not all stains are removable)

9. Use accelerated drying techniques to dry your carpet as quickly as possible. Most carpets are dry in 3 to 5 hours.

10. Complete a post inspection with you before leaving to ensure your satisfaction. (Re-clean if needed)

11. We offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee* on any areas you aren’t completely satisfied with (*excludes Commercial, Rental, Animal Contamination).

We also have two “low moisture” methods of cleaning when unable to use our truck-mounted hot water extraction method of cleaning.

To insure you get the best cleaning job possible:

Please remove all items from table tops or furniture we need to move. Insurance regulations do not allow our technicians to move furniture with breakables on them. Please call the technicians attention to any spots or areas that need special attention. Please keep pets and children out of the work area.

After Cleaning:

It is best to stay off the carpet until totally dry, but you may walk on the carpet as soon as we are done. Just be careful when you walk onto a “hard” surface floor as your feet will be damp.
If you must walk on the carpet, it is best not to wear shoes. Plastic tabs or blocks under your furniture should be left in place for 48 hours.

Please note: dark lines that appear around wall edges and under doorways are Filtration Lines. They are a combination of soil and discoloration due to various gases passing over the carpet. The discoloration will still be visible after cleaning.

Other than the first appointment of the day, all arrival times are approximate, and may be up to an hour before or after the scheduled time. Thank you for your consideration.

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