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How do I know which Carpet Cleaning company to select?
First, look for a company that has a Money Back Guarantee. This shows that the company believes in their skills, training, and effectiveness of their methods. Next,  look for a company that has experience and will provide references if requested.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets every 12 to 18 months to maintain your warranty. There are many factors that you should consider that would affect frequency of cleaning; soiling conditions, number and ages of children, smoking versus non-smoking, pets, etc.

Will cleaning my carpets make them re-soil faster?
No. When done by a properly trained and certified technician, your carpets will not resoil faster. The primary reasons why carpets resoiled in the past was due to the detergents being used and technicians not being trained properly. Today’s detergents are formulated properly to insure detergent residue removal and professional carpet cleaning companies insure their technicians are trained and certified.

Can all stains be removed?
Simply put, NO. Many foods and beverages contain “dyes”. It is quite possible for these dyes to penetrate into the fiber and make removal almost impossible. For example, if you were to “dye” your hair, cleaning would not remove the dye. So, cleaning by itself will not remove all stains. This is especially true of pet stains.

Will “steam cleaning” ruin and shrink my carpet or cause mold problems?
Many companies that do not use steam cleaning use these claims as scare tactics. As long as you use a company that has properly trained and certified their technicians, the answer is NO. Shaw Industries is the largest manufacturer of carpet in this country and they only recommended Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning).

Is it better to get an estimate over the phone or in person?
Always get someone to look at your carpet in person. There are too many factors involved in cleaning that cannot be answered over the phone and need to be looked at in person.

What should I look for when being charged for carpet cleaning?
There are numerous issues that affect the price you pay for cleaning: fiber type, room dimensions, amount of soiling. Some companies charge by the room. We prefer to give you an exact price when we inspect the carpet. If you request a price over the phone, the estimate will be based on the information you provide; the technician will give you the exact price upon arrival.

Are carpet cleaning chemicals harmful to my children or pets?
No. The primary “chemicals” used to clean your carpets are water and detergent. The detergents that are used to clean you carpet are no different than the laundry detergents you use to wash your clothes.

My carpets are “stain resistant”. Do I still need to apply a carpet protector?
Almost all residential carpet manufactured since 1985 is “stain resist”. However, most carpet protector is a “topical” treatment – foot traffic will eventually remove the protector, just as brushing your teeth removes the fluoride from them. The more use your carpet or furniture gets, the quicker the protector will be removed. So even if your carpet is “stain resist”, applying a carpet protector will help restore the protection your carpet had when you purchased it.

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